• 食堂外観 夜間

Meal Menu

Utilization time

Dinner 18:00-20:00
Breakfast 7:00-9:00

Dinner menu


Dinner:1,200yen (from April.2023 1,250yen)

fish meal
Western hamberg meal
Chinese meal

Special Dinner

Special Dinner “Kyo-Emaki”:2,450yen (from April.2023 2,550yen)

・Sashimi  ・Tempura or Fried prawns
・Tofu hot pot ・Japanese omelette
・Stewed dishes ・Rice
・Miso soup ・Pickled vegetables


The cherry trees grown in our front yard that you barely notice at night are actually very historic.
One of these trees is planted by separating the roots of mother plant which grown in Maruyama Park.
All the bread is delivered from the famous local bakery in Kyoto.

Breakfast:700yen  (from April.2023 750yen)